1 - Main Instructions:

a) Printed Instructions contained in the "Starter Kit" (pdf)


2- Setting Up Your Printer:

a) Calibrating a Photo-copier (Setup & Test)

b) Laser Printer Setup & Test

c) Setting "Density" on HP's 1200dpi printers


3 - Using A Houshold Iron:

a) What to Expecct From A Household Iron

b) Calibrating Your Iron


4 - Preparing the Copper Surface:

a) How to Prepare The Copper Surface

b) Why 1/2oz copper? Isn't 1oz better?


5 - GBC Laminator Modifications:

a) GBC H-95P & 200 (increase allowable PCB thickness)

b) GBC "Personal" and "Creative" Models (thermostat change)

c) GBC H-220 (decrease roller RPM)