Here are the most common problems/solutions in 5 possible categories.


1. PRINTING to the transfer paper

1a. There are fine white lines in the middle of traces

1b. Toner Images Don't Print Well To This Blue Transfer Paper


2. TRANSFERRING images to the board

2a. My Iron Is Not Giving Me Good, Consistant Results

2b. Toner Images Are Not Fusing To The Copper Laminate

2c. Toner Floats Off In The Water Bath


3. APPLYING FOILS over the toner image

3a. Foils wrinkle when going through the TIA fuser

3b. Foil doesn't transfer perfectly over the black toner

3c. After application of white foil, exess white is left on the board


4. LAMINATOR is not doing what it should

4a. I lost a foil inside the unit

4b. There are clicking noises coming from the TIA Fuser


5. ETCHING problems

5a. Traces are pitted after etching

5b. Fine trace lines dissappear after etching

5c. Etching is uneven. The board isn't al done at the same time.

5d. Traces come off the boad while etching


If you don't find the answer to the problem you're having, please call us ASAP! We're here to get your problem immediately resolved and then we'll add this to this Trouble-Shooting list.

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