Our 8 minute "Instant PCB" fabrication system contains all of the supplies needed to make quite a few PCBs.

The only other item needed is the Toner Image Applicator (TIA) or a household iron after it has been calibrated.

Starter Kit imageStarter Kit



• Toner Transfer Paper (20)

• Blank PCB Laminate:

- 2 panels: Single-Sided 8"x10"

- 2 panels: Double-Sided 8"x10"

• GreenTRF for etching boards

• WhiteTRF for silk-screen images

• Sample pre-printed test images

• Full instructions

• UNENDING Telephone and Email Support!




Toner Image Applicator "TIA"

SM-330 Laminator image

This Toner Image Applicator (TIA) device is ideal for both our PCB fabrication process and DecalProFX (.com) our sister product to be able to make your own real "dry-transfer" graphics for your enclosures.)

Not all "pouch laminators" are the same nor will all of them work properly with our kits. This particular unit, called the Tamerica Products, Inc. model "SM-330" is the best "bang-for-the-buck" and available on our online store.

Even though you can use an iron with our PCB fab process, it can be a bit of a chore and you will be limited to about .012" width. The laminator approach is the only way to be able to make VERY fine pitch boards down to .005" (with any standard 1200dpi B&W laser printer).

Major Features of the SM-330:

  • UL & CA Listed Certification! (Great sign of quality and dependability)

  • Over-temp heater shutdown! (Prevents potential fire vs. non-protected laminators)

  • Stable electronically controlled temperature to 330ºF (Higher than normal heat-range)

  • Slow motor drive (ideal for our applications giving better performance)

  • Heavy-duty, reversible motor (higher torque-curve than major US brand pouch laminators)

  • Korean quality control (superior design & construction qualtiy to similar Chinese units)

  • The SM-330 has had a long sales history on the market (Proven track record!)

  • Tamerica Products, Inc. (USA based company owned Korean importer)

  • Weight: 12.8# (boxed shipping weight)


FlexPCB imagesNEW!


Real "FlexPCB" circuit board is now available due to a little thinking outside the box. Conventional "Kapton" based flex material is very expensive and due to the a myriad of specifications necessary for this type of laminate, it's just not available to the public the way rigid laminate has always been.

Our new flex product uses 1-ply fiberglass to achieve very similar properties to that of "Kapton" polyimide film to achieve the same "flex" of Kapton. The "plus" on our product is that you now have an alternative to unavailable Kapton-based flex. Our version of true "FlexPCB" gives you 99% of the performance of Kapton and it's always available through PulsarProFX.

  • .005" 1-ply Fiberglass Thickness

  • 2 - 8" x 10" Sheets per Package

  • Available in Single and Double-Sided

  • Fast etch using "1/2oz" copper (same as our rigid boards)

  • Traces imagable down to .005" on .005" pitch (air gap)