Radio-Electronics imageOver the years since we first introduced our method in 1992 for making instant PCB's we've been written up in many of the more popular electronic magazines at the time. Some unfortunately are not with us anymore.

Popular Electronics imge Sorry to say but it's just another sign of the times to see the demise of (Hugo) Gernsback Publishing, the grand-daddy of all magazine publishers, taking with it many of the most widely read electronics magazines from the 60's to the turn of the century.

Not all magazines are loosing because they can "smell the coffee", being flexible to change with the times promoting print with online editions.

Elekor imageOn a side note, one of the very popular and long running, highly respected English/European magazine called "Elektor" is coming to North America starting in 2009. This is a nice addition to the current Nuts 'n Volts, Circuit Cellar, Servo, Robot to name a few of the current publications.

The directory of articles in print (below) reflects just a few of the larger articles and what was said about Pulsar and our products. There have been a lot of short comments over the years written by some of the leading freelance writers of our time who see the future of electronics. People like Don Lancaster, John Iovine, Jan Axelson, Karl Lunt, Scott Edwards and Jeff Bachiochi, just to name a few.

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