Going Way Beyond Just Making PCB's!

This section "GOING FARTHER" will introduce you to 3 other areas that utilize the basics of manipulating laser printer toner. "DecalPRO" for making real dry-transfer graphics, "Graphics Software" to create easy professional looking graphics, and "Other Uses".

1) "DecalPRO" is a product we developed back in 2003 to enable anyone to be able to make professional looking graphics in about 8 minutes.

For the first time in history, you, the "end user" can your own REAL dry-transfer, rub down graphics that rival expensive, commercially produced images. Actually, DecalPRO can do some tricks what would otherwise cost you a small fortune to do commercially.

Faceplate imageWhen you go to this section we'll show you how to make real "dry-transfers" for your project or prototype enclosures, faceplates, display windows.... anything!

The greatest part of DecalPRO is that it uses the same TIA applicator and TTP transfer paper medium used by this "PCB Fab-In-A-Box" system.


2) "Graphics Software" - shows you an amazing application for making complex electronic graphics a snap.

Graphic imageLet's say for example you have a project that uses a 1-50uA analog meter but you need the faceplate to reflect a scale of 1-10 for your particular design. Up to now you had no good way to do this and maybe resorted to a marker pen. I bet that looked really professional!

This screen shot shows you how simple it is to create. You merely fill in the necessary parameters of what you want and voila! ... one new faceplate to replace the printed one from the meter manufacturer, sized perfectly to fit your particular meter face. The program also creates a whole host of unique electronic symbology in seconds without any need for expensive llustration-type programs.


3) "Other Uses" covers a whole host of unique uses for the transfer paper medium.

Chem Milling image Glass Effects image
CD image Transfer plans Tattoo image