Finding an enclosure for your project is normally not a challence with so many vendors making so many different styles, however, making it LOOK professionally can be quite a challenge, especially if you'r not particularly versed in the ways of Graphic Art design.

Box imageStandard software applications like Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator alone can set you back a LOT of money and the pain doesn't stop there... now you have to master the basics before you can do anything and that takes a lot of time! We know - we've been in Graphic Art Design since 1988.

Front Designer imageWe discoverd an incredible software package that does all the work for you.

At $79.95 (US) "Front Designer" by ABACOM gives you unprecidented design power. It does everthing you could possibly want in a panel design. This is something that you should really checkout. You can download a "demo" version to see for yourself how powerful this program is. We don't sell this product. Abacom is a German company and has dealers from Australia to USA. Visit their website at "".

Now, if you were to combine the power of "Front Designer" with that of our sister product "DecalPRO" you'll be able to create amazingly professional looking enclosures for literally pennies per square inch and do it when you need it. Whether it's fancy curving text for a volume control or a custom analog meter face, you'll have a truly high-end, dry-transfer panel graphics capability literally "on demand".

Software imageLet's say you have a project that uses a 50uA analog meter but you need the faceplate to reflect a scale of 1-10 for your particular circuit/application. Up to now you had no good way to do this and maybe resorted to a marker pen. (I bet that looked really professional!)

Here's how simple it is to create. You merely fill in the necessary parameters of what you want and voila! ... one new faceplate to replace the printed one from the meter manufacturer, sized perfectly to fit your particular meter face. The program also creates a whole host of unique electronic symbology in seconds without any need for expensive llustration-type programs.

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