Temporary Skin Tattoos

This trick is so simple you won't believe they're not the real thing!

Forget expensive store-bought images!
Make your own with these two very simple techniques. You will only need a small bottle of “Spirit Gum” adhesive (specially formulated for skin), available at all “party” stores for about $2 and a bottle of Spirit Gum Remover.

Temporary Tattoos
We guarantee you’ll amaze yourself and your friends on your first try. Print your tattoo image “backwards” (mirror image). Brush on a thin coat of “spirit gum” directly over the toner image and give it a few minutes to set up. Clean the area of the skin with soap and water and apply the image with good pressure for a few seconds. With a wet paper towel, hold it up to to the back of the transfer paper for about a minute then slide off the paper. Wipe off any adhesive residue from the paper. The beauty is that color toner is very flat and looks EXACTLY like a really expensive "ink" tat. Images usually last about 3 days before they start to crack up due to the elasticity of skin. It's the perfect "party" preparation.

Sun Tattoos
You’ve seen it where there is a non-suntanned area. Well, now you can make your own graphics and do the same. The idea is to put the tattoo on your skin as a “UV mask” before you get a tan. The black toner image stops most of the UV rays from tanning the skin then remove the image and you're done!