A scale builder's dream come true!

A novel way to speed up the process of “scratch building” a new model from a set of plans!

Transfer any detailed image to plywood, balsawood or just about every other type of wood using just an iron. In this example, all you do is scan into your computer (or just use a copier) of the bulkheads that need to be cut out with a scroll saw.

Lay the printed Toner Transfer Paper over the wood and iron for about 30 seconds at maximum heat. (There is also a calibration technique under the "TECH SUPPORT" button.)

After ironing, use a damp cloth over the back of the transfer paper for about a minute which will release the toner image that is fused to the wood. Merely slide off the paper and wipe down the adhesive residue. Now start cutting. Scratch building has never been so easy!