For CD recordings that must impress as first glance! Forget the amateur looking round white labels... any one can do that! Record your CD or DVD to unbranded media and apply full color graphics & text DIRECTLY to the silver reflective surface in just a coule of minutes.

High gloss, full-color CD's give the impression of being commercially 4-color printed... a very expensive proposition. We have a 50¢ trick that's worth it's weight in gold. This technique is for every day use as well as pre-production mastering or special 1up jobs... any project that MUST impress!

We discovered this trick one day when we were fooling around in the shop. The idea occured to us that CD-type media (audio, DVD, games, etc) all are made with polycarbonate material. It's naturally immune to high heat (like sitting on a car's dashboard in direct sunlight on a hot summer's day without any sign of warping.) This is why this material was selected to be the material of choice for all CD manufacturing (although polycarbonate is very soft so scratches are another issue). We also noticed that the thickness wasn't too bad so it would go throught the toner applicator without a problem.

So, we made up a test image and printed it on a sheet of the Toner Transfer Paper in reverse (mirror image). The image was then laid over the label side of a CD and run through the applicator. As expected, no warps when it came out. We then dropped it into a tray of water and a minute to allow the paper to release from the toner image and slide away. What you see above is what we got!

To finish off the CD we'd recommend either giving the CD a few short bursts of acrylic spray to gloss up the image (toner is inherently a non-reflective "flat" color), or a better techniaue is to lay a piece our #1232 TRF foil called "ClearCoat" over the image and refuse it to the toner image. This seals the toner from scratches and gives a very high gloss. This foil is one of our 19 foils incorporated in our DecalPRO system. The foil runs $8.95 for 15' of material.