After the board is completed, print the silkscreen layer next. Transfer the image directly over the finished board.

Parts layer imageThe toner image will transfer to both the base laminate (fiberglass or CEM) and the circuit traces. After this image is transferred in the usual way, the WhiteTRF foil is added over the black toner the same way the GreenTRF was applied to the circuit image. Note that the image is printed in reverse (mirrored) because it will be put on the top of the SMT board.

On the left, the raw toner image has been laid down over the completed board (which was also silverplated after etched). Some users stop there since there is a nice contrast on our FR4/G10 type fiberglass 1/2oz copper laminate. If you want the conventional looking silkscreen image, just apply the WhiteTRF film (included in the kit) over the board and run it through the TIA laminator device to fuse the white to the toner image. (See NOTE below)

Black imageWhite image

Regarding these two photos, please note that due to the high shine of the tin plated copper traces, it's difficult to get a good representative photo of both the high shine and the white silkscreen image. We had to change the lighting for the picture that makes the traces look quite different, however it is the same board!