Let's say you've got a new product you want to test market before spending a LOT of money for commercially made boards.Bombdrop image

PCB's "On Demand"

There's no better way to "proof out" AND produce your next project. And when all "changes to the change" have been worked out and you have a final board design, go to press (errr, laser printer) and turn-out a quick dozen or two or three to meet your customer's demands for your new prouduct. Analyse that for just a second... had you sent your design out to be fabricated for, let's say you found a really inexpensive proto board house to do it it for $30. Ok, that's great, right? Not really after you discovered you had 3 or 4 more design changes you really should have done. Now the "over and over" game has cost you more than what our entire system would have started out costing you.

Another great reason to consider our "DirectEtch" system is tht many circuit design applications do not have high production requirements... or it's an unknown how your potential market buyer will react. Many unique devices engineers create are very specialized and do not require nor could stand the high cost of commercial board fabrication - especially if you only need a small handful of boards. This technique allows you to fabricate your end product as demand dictates.

Remember the sobering "what if...". What if the device has no public appeal and you can't sell them? Until your design starts sellling like 'hot cakes', your product is nothing more than "pie in the sky". If using our PCB fabrication technques and it flops, you haven't spent but a few dollars.

We ask you... isn't that a smarter way to think about PCB fabrication?

Here's a "Real Time" Example:

Single-Sided (1/4 sheet)
Transfer Paper (1/4 sheet)
4" GreenTRF

SMT circuit image of a product we're working on for the R/C market.

We did a simple "step & repeat" of the circuit image shown above to create the "master". It used up a half-sheet of transfer paper (TTP) to made 10 boards pm a small piece of single-sided laminate.

Total cost to produce 10 boards in about 20 minutes, (including shearing) ... $.29 per board! And because it's an SMT design,there of course is no drilling.

Lizard Leg image


We have many small companies that produce their products with our process alone. They don't have to rely on any outside sources for producing their boards.

This website screen-shot shown here is a prime example of a boutique company that specializes in unique, custom mini-mass produced sound products for the music industry uses PCB "Fab-In-A-Box" for the board and our sister product "DecalPRO" for making real, dry-transfer graphics for their guitar "foot stomping" enclosures.

Steve Miller's company started producing his unique, "high-end" tone modifiying electronic pedal effect products years ago. As production ramped up on each model, he eventually went to contract board fabrication but to this day but still uses "DecalPRO" for all of their production enclosure graphics. We'll show you how it directly applies the electronics community). Whenever they have a new circuit design our PCB kit is always the initial method to get new products up and running with minimal expense.

Here is another example of a company on the web at www.diyRC.com.

Drilling imageProject imageMost of their designs are very small which allows them to easily gang-up many small boards for fast production. His process continues into the "kitting" of several products. These two pictures show you the before and after of this one particular kit they do.