This section is a collection of "goodies" we've discovered over the years that have been, what we feel, are the best of the best for what has worked well for our in-house board fabrication.

MicroMark Shear imageYes, we're not just a manufacturer, we're also heavy into electronics designing products using our own stand-alone consumer products.

Over the years, we've experimented with a lot of different items on the market so we'd like to share our findings with you, from the most affordable shear & box brake in the world to unique products like a lead testing kit.

Lead Testing imageThis ACCESSORY category you now have pulled up has multiple sub-sections with the last being a "catch-all" of smaller miscellaneous items (like the lead testing kit shown here) that don't particulary fit well in any of the other sections.

This is a "community service" section so if you have a discovery of your own you'd like to share with us, we welcome your emails and photos for inclusion here. We do not sell any of these items, however, links are connected to all so you can contact the manufacturer or vendor directly. None of the manufacturer's of these products have bribed us to plug their products by giving us a free one. These have all been obtained like a typical end-user (although, don't get us wrong, we'd sure would like to have gotten some of these for free!)

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