This is a collection of products that we've found we can't live without. Each sold by their respective brand names or dealers so you won't find these on our shopping cart.

Drill Press imageThese first two items from MicroMark and Baileigh we find indespensible oyn the work bench!

Quality Enginering:Dual ball-bearing spindle precision mounted inside a rugged cast aluminum frame

Small Size-big performance!Footprint (the base) is a mere 5"x 9"

Quality Enginering:High torque motor will drill a 1/4 inch hole through 1/4 inch brass plate. Spindle speeds are 2100, 4500 & 6500rpm.

Deep Throat:With a 5.5" throat you can drill materials up to 11" deep!

Drill Chuck image

Features a conventional 1/4" 3-jaw keyed chuck.

It can hold micro sized shanks down to hold a #80 wire drill bit.


Shear imageAn extremely compact "combo" shear that not only cuts metal but also "box brakes" sheet metal to make your own custom sized enclosures to fit your circuit board projects.

Metal bends image

    1. Cuts PCB up to .064", brass & aluminum up to .040" and galvanized steel plate up to .020" thick!

    2. Vertical table design cuts materials on the up-stroke and box-brakes into the "V" black on the down stroke

    3. 4 sharpened cutting edges for VERY long life. New "blade blocks" are also available direct from MicroMark.

NOTE: The unit will "brake" (bend metal) up to 8" wide, however, the shear portion at the top of the unit needs a simple modification in order to cut material to a full 8" width. The modification is simple. It only requires putting a thin spacer under the four-bolt "cutting head" on top of the unit. The manufacturer inadvertantly added a lip to the mold that reduced the overall cutting width. This modification corrects this error.

How To Bend image

Download our special instruction sheet for making your own 2-piece interlocking enclosures using this shear.

We know that you're probably now a 'wiz' at sheetmetal work so we've gone the extra mile to learn it ourselves to be able to teach you how it's done in a few simple steps Make 2-piece interlocking enclosures that are custom to your PCB design. What more could you ask for?!

Custom enclosures that you'd never find in any "pre-made" type box on the market. We feel this combinational "shear/box brake" is worth every penny.

Click on this image to open (and print) the '.pdf' file.